Tape Mold 'Zine - Issue Two

Tape mold 'zine - issue two
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This is issue two of the independently produced VHS/horror 'zine, Tape Mold! The first issue sold out really quickly and had great feedback and this one is even better! It's nearly double the size (around 50 pages) and is in color!

Inside you'll see.....
- Interviews with Bret McCormick and Glen Coburn, directors of Tabloid!
- Interview with Dave Coleman, director of Southern Shockers, a lost 80s shot-on-video horror anthology that never got a U.S. release.
- Interview with Chris Witherspoon, the effects man on Southern Shockers
- Interview with Harold Olminsky, director of Attack of the Mutant Roadkill and the Vampyre Zombies from Beyond the Grave
- Interview with one of the pioneers of fat porn, Big Bad Bertha!
- Video Spotlight: Tapeworm Video
- VHS reviews
- VHS comic
- And much more...

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